Atomic Theory Proposed By Indian Sage Kanaada..!


If Modi is a political revolutionary in the Indian history , to be rewritten, one has to look at a divine personality from the land of Narendra Modi, who lived some 2,500 years back. His notable work over Atomic theory, became a big debate among the scientists across the globe, as his work was unnoticed for hundreds of years. Interestingly, the ongoing debate is neither about film stars nor about politics. Something interest generating subject about the Atomic theory. So far, entire globe has considered , John Dalton, as the father of Atomic theory. Now, after careful investigations and observations by Indian philosophers and scholars, it was noticed that Acharya Kanaada, born in Gujarath, and lived around 2nd Century BC, i.e. some 2,500 years back was the first man to propose Atomic theory. During the invasions by Alexander, this theory was transferred to West, and somehow, the credit has gone to an English Chemist and Physicist named John Dalton (1766-1844). However, it was proposed by Acharya Kanaada, who was born in Prabhas Kshetra, near Dwaraka, in Gujarath. His primary area of study was Rasavādam, considered to be a type of alchemy. He is said to have believed that all living beings are composed of five elements: water, fire, earth, air, ether. Vegetables have only water, insects have water and fire, birds have water, fire, earth and air, and Humans, the top of the creation, have ether—the sense of discrimination (time, space, mind) are one. He theorized that Gurutva(Hindi/Sanskrit for Gravity) was responsible for the falling of objects on the Earth.

acharya kanaada


He is recognized as the founder of atomic theory, and classified all the objects of creation into nine elements (earth, water, light or fire, wind, ether, time, space, mind and soul). He stated that every object in creation is made of atoms that in turn connect with each other to form molecules nearly 2,500 years before John Dalton. Further, Kanaada described the dimension and motion of atoms, and the chemical reaction with one another.

acharya kanaada proposed atomic theory


These Indian ideas about atom and atomic physics could have been transmitted to the West during the contacts created between India and West by the invasion of Alexander. It is learn that Alexander was instrumental in propagating this concept, and asked his scientists to work on the same. Many believe that Kanaada originated the concept of atom. An interesting story states that this theory occurred to him while he was walking with food in his hand. As he nibbled at the food in his hand, throwing away the small particles, it occurred to him that he could not divide the food into further parts and thus the idea of a matter which cannot be divided further came into existence. He called that indivisible matter as ‘ Anu ‘. Now, conventional people and institutions are asking the Modi Government to place the issue before the International science fraternity , in order to get the credit to the Indian Sage Acharya Kanaada. The Western media has already started digging the works of Acharya Kanaada, and some of the science reporters from United Kingdom had recently visited the birth place of Acharya Kanada.